Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Weekend of Zombies

Ooooppss...totally forgot to play with the blog this weekend. My bad. For starters I had that zombie walk that I mentioned earlier, which was AWESOME and it also lasted all weekend, hence my neglect. It was pretty wicked, all the zombies were chillin downtown and doing some cool stuff, ya know, performance arts shit, like contortionist, belly dancers and what not. Went with my girlfriend and two other friends, we got zombified for free, it was pretty cool. Towards the end of Friday night, we ended up having a huge march down the area with the leaders carrying a white coffin. On Saturday there were some bands playing at this Rock bar. Totally fell in love with this band called "Psychostik" wicked stuff. And there was this band whose lead singer was "Early" from Adult Swims Squidbillies. No joke. That dudes pretty funny if his songs are any indication. Again everyone was zombified for this shit too. pretty cool all in all. Not bad for my first zombie march.

Oh, cleaned the house did some grocery shopping...nothing too good today.

Protip: Its totally more efficient and economic to buy meat in bulk. Get like a month's worth and meat, and a big plastic tub. Oh and buy spices and olive oil. Go home, put that shit in the tub, mix it all with the spices and oil. Then separate however much you need for a meal into separate ziplock baggies and freeze that shit. Take it out on a day you wanna eat, let it thaw while you go to work or school. Come back, and cook that on the stove.......or if youre like me, grill it. Honestly, invest in a George Foreman grill or something like it. Cooks any meat in no more than 10 minutes. Like 7 minutes for steak and porkchops, and 5 minutes for chicken. Pretty good stuff. That grill is like my best investment right now. So prices...
like $30 of meat for a month
like $12 dollars of spices for like 6 months? depends on you i guess
like $5 dollars for a tub
like $70-$100 for a grill.

Trust me this will save you cash. On saturday I took my girl friend to a chinese restaurant and that shit was like $30 dollars and we got water! So yeah, eating at home like this is definitely a wiser investment.

Anywho I was gonna talk about Donkey Kong 64 but since this post has enough shit, i feel, Ill just post it in another one.



  1. I missed the zombie march >< I might make up for it by going as the Tank from L4D next year.

  2. Sounds like an awesome event! Mad fun.

  3. where did you get that poll gadget? everyone I look at explodes upon being used