Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friday the 13th

Since Halloween is rolling around I'm seeing a lot of horror movies on tv. Just the other day I saw Friday the 13th and thought to myself "It is hilarious how our standard of horror changes," given that this movie is from the 80s, today it doesnt hold much more than a good laugh. What have we got now? SAW (some crazy guy you might accidentally piss off is gonna murder you), My Bloody Valentine (good old slasher but way more pretty), and i dunno etc. What passes as horror these days anyway? Being legitimately scared, or just some good old fashioned snuff. Who knows.

have an enjoyable halloween


  1. what's up bro, nice blog design

  2. todays horrors are not scary.. they are just trying to gross people ... and that is just not doing it for me :/

  3. I often find that the gory stuff isn't scary, when something is truly scary I jump at first and then have a hard time sleeping later that night without taking necessary precautions.

    A good horror movie will keep me awake. ;_;

  4. its funny how society evolves :P