Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Transport Security Administration on Airlines

Man I love the airlines...nah not really. I've got some Colombian family that have been vacationing down there for a few weeks now. Was talking to my cousin (who's been staying with us) and he got an email from their airline requesting some info for the TSA or Transport Security Administration or somethin. Now these people are VERY American right? Its just his mom that's got any connection to the country (though she's a native born US citizen) and shes been using this airline since the early 90s. And they've held her up EVERY SINGLE TIME. Now the TSA wants more info on her? Christ what a headache...if she ever tried smuggling anything she'd definitely be caught...but she never has (as far as i know lol). Ah well, I'm crying a lot for something that's not directly my problem i know, but Im sad because she used to bring back food and stuff but last time they confiscated it, and its probably gonna happen this time too...

I swear its worse to have any Colombian connection on an airline that it is to be wearing a turban!
just messing forgive my political incorrectness

Anyone else have very consistently annoying airline issues?


  1. I'm not really a frequent flyer so I wouldn't know :)

  2. Airlines need to get their heads out of the clouds and stop being so paranoid

  3. Flying is such a pain for that reason. All the stories about 5-year-olds and such ending up on no fly lists crack me up. I can't help loving being in airports, though.

  4. Ugh, they're so paranoid about everything.