Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ooops Weekend and Future Blog Plans

Hey guys, my bad for not posting anything or checkin up on you fine folks during the weekend. It was Hellish in between Halloween and I had a good friend turn 21. So yeah, sorry I was neglectful baby, I swear it wont happen again...please dont go! I can change!

...just foolin.

So yeah, that aside, this week had me thinking about this blog and how Im delivering stuff. And I don't feel that I'm going about this in the most entertaining and efficient manner possible. So with that in mind I've got plans. To make several new blogs that is! Differentiate between them ya know? I get a feel that with just this one, Im not being fair to everyone. So Im thinking of making at least three other blogs. One dealing with music and another dealing with Movies and one with Videogames. How does that sound? I'd love your input. Once I make them I gonna be able to update them all fairly often (because god I am such a blabbermouth right?) and if things go well, I'll keep them that way. If I have some issues, I could just combine some of them ya know?

So yeah, Give me some feedback, would you all be interested?

Oh yeah since this update doesn't really have content, heres a funny gif i found.


  1. The only real feedback I'd have on that is, make sure that you don't take on too much of a workload. I've started doing freelance work while maintaining my one and only blog, and the workload seems like it could eventually start to wear down the quality of my posts, if I let it.

    Also, lol@that gif.

  2. Trust me, I know exactly what halloween weekend and 21sts will do to productivity levels. We forgive you. =P Personally I'm liking the blog all in one place, but give multiples a try if you feel like it!

  3. I'm probably going to do 2 blogs, I think any more than that would be overkill

  4. Good luck, hope you manage to keep them all fresh and interesting

  5. hahaha gif is so true.