Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OOOooops again

yeah, not back on track. im in the process of moving and university finals and what not, so yeah, updates for the next few weeks might be very sporadic and few and far between. please bear with, once everything is set up then ill get everything back in order

till then stay cool and take care of yourselves

this is like temporary hiatus

Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Back on Track! A Recipe, A Movie, and a Joke?

Hey everyone, finally getting back at ya. Seeing as how I left off with 108 followers and still have that, I'd like to thank all of you for being patient. I had a rough week but its a good thing I have great friends and a wonderful girlfriend <3. Things are coming up for me that will be a tad stressful, but for now I've caught a grip on things. Anywho, Now Im gonna pay back your patience with a triple whammy blog post!

First result for "Power of 3" Also responsible for most modern Wiccans

We are going to start off with what I like to believe is an awesome recipe. I've shared it by word of mouth for the past couple of years, and now its time for it to hit the Internet. 

I created this meal my freshman year of college. I spent nearly that entire school year stoned and it was a hell of an experience. Alongside the adventures and the deep discussions (whoa, do you wonder if like the sky is real man? or just a projection they have setup?) I made a few foods that only those wandering through the depths of starvation would dare eat. I had a homeboy who was my main partner in crime, and usually after we toked, we'd head back to his place, and put on a movie and eat. Being Shelter provider he usually ate better, unless we split pizza or something, but usually he'd have something nice and had something acceptable. One day when he was eating a Chicken Caesar Salad, I was stuck with Ramen and gold fish crackers...and shredded nacho cheese. So yeah...

Step 1: Get Ramen in a bowl. Boil/Microwave with hot water yeah you know. Ignore the flavoring, snort it or something, just dont use it for this meal.
Step 2: Add the shredded cheese to the Ramen in the bowl
Step 3: Stir that shit and eat it! JUST THE NOODLES, DONT DRINK THE CHEESY SOUP!

Yeah bet you guys thought this was a 1 course meal....hell no!

Step 4: Once you are done with the noodles, take your Gold Fish Crackers and ADD THEM TO THE CHEESE SOUP YOU HAVE LEFT FROM PHASE 1
Step 5: Once you have poured in a sufficient amount of goldfish crackers into the cheese soup, eat it like cereal!

He might have enjoyed eating this. Also the night I invented the meal we watched Memento...very confusing.

Now for the next part of our Revenge! The movie! 


Its a wonderful movie, trust me.

The movie stars Neil Patrick Harris (Dougie Hazard M.D., Starship Troopers, How I Met Your Mother, Harold and Kumar and a bunch more) as the villainous Dr. Horrible, a villain seeking admission into the "Guild of Evil". Along the way he tries to romance the cutie from his laundrymat Penny (Felicia Day) and outsmart and outmaneuver the city's headstrong resident super-douche Captain Hammer (Nathaniel Something or other). The movie is a musical but has several parts with normal dialogue. The songs are cute and charming and some are pretty deep. The movie is also pretty damn funny Neil does a pretty good job at making you laugh. Besides being well acted, humorous, the movie also has some serious parts, trust me you should see it, even if you think it looks or sounds childish, just watch and finish it. I'm sure you'll be more than pleased, its a complex movie in simple movie garbs. Its good to watch as a date movie, or if you have preteen kids around. All in all a wonderful movie...oh did I mention its only an hour long? Yeah, even your shortass attention span should be able to make it.


The Protaganist
The Heroine


Not only all this, but the movie was distributed free in 2008 for about a year and a half. No one who was involved in making this movie got paid until a long while after the release. So be thankful.
watch it on netflix with a free month trial

or youtube

Last but not least, we have that joke...What do you call a midget psychic who's escaped from prison.....A small medium at large!!

Seriously the joke is a look at Apple's homepage right now...

Wow what could it be!? Ending world hunger? Alien contact? God forbid world peace!?
Answer: Probably just some more bullshit that we're gonna have to pay for.
Someone will be born tomorrow, and one of that kid's parents will have seen this and forever associated it with his child's birthday.

So I did some that I mean I googled it and checked the first 3 links. Some say its Apple acquiring the right to stream television, others say its Apple getting rights to the Beatles (because nothing says immortal exploitation like owning a mostly dead band). John Lennon and George Harrison, my prayers go out to your probably now pissed off souls. As for those of you Beatles that are still alive...well I bet Apple can't wait for you to die so that they can force your images of your youthful days to do stupid shit to promote their products.

Hmmmmm kinda negative...gotta end funny Tony!!

BOOYAKA!! Ending it classy!

Good Night Everyone!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sorry for the slowness people, Im not out of this game, but christ, it was kind of a shit week so Ive just been trying to relax a bit. Ive got some big issues on their way and its taking some mental preparation and what not. Don't worry though, this week I'll be back with ya.

thanks, and have a good one.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

100+ Followers!? Awesome!!! Oh and Shoutouts!

Whoa 108 followers as of right now...thats pretty cool thanks guys. I think this is pretty awesome, so awesome, that I googled "Holy shit awesome" and now Im gonna share those pics with ya.

Pretty awesome no?

Anywho, its been a pretty cool weekend thus far, sorry for lack of update, you know the deal, but hey at least im gettin back to ya. Anywho, Im thinking Im gonna keep the single blog format for now, with just the random post so far. Thanks to everyone who shared their opinion.

Now, I'm gonna share with you guys some of my favorite blogs so far. These guys a pretty awesome in my opinion, and I love reading their stuff and their content is always top notch. So here's the shout outs! Just like the name says, daily cuteness For the politically minded Awesome music, everyday. Easily my favorite blog A very cool art blog. Very funny webcomic Awesome Blog! Bluerad has other awesome ones too! See! Check the name. Kids stay away An awesome Dubstep blog Pretty cool domestic trick type blog Protips! Everyday unless otherwise stated The first food blog I saw and still my favorite! Only the most awesome Mythology ever! More food? Yup! More political, but a tad bit different though This blog blows me away...GUNS!!! awesome videogame music!

AND those are SOME of my personal favorite blogs! Great jobs guys, you are the reason that I even bother to blog when I do! Thanks to all of you I am a great cook, more politically minded, a financial advisor, learned in the ways of history, great music to reference...thanks a bunch! I've learned so much more now, I am regaining my fervor for reading!

Honestly, thanks for all that all of you offer! Everyone has something to contribute ya know? So lets all continue to support each other with knowledge and what not...


So I wanna end it funny...Here are the first and 2nd image search result for funny with google

Good night everybody!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So yeah, another chem class today....sadness and bitterness ensues...all that aside...
Now we're gonna review a happy upbeat movie . So open up your hearts.

We're gonna start off with Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World...obviously the happy one...

Michael Cera's finest hour

So this movie is Directed by Edgar Wright, the man responsible for Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and many other gems. Its based on a comic written by Bryan Lee O'Malley that goes by the same name. This movie stars Michael Cera, and McKulley Caulken's little brother. Theres other actors but I don't know them. Either way though, the acting is pretty good, I found the movie to be very enjoyable. Its got a good bunch of video game references for all the dorks out there, its really amusing. That and other pop culture jokes, vegan powers, a seinfeld reference, cool action scenes, the works. Like I said, not a bad movie, a little ADD in my opinion, but I still find it enjoyable.

Try to explain that logically
So yeah, some great visuals, reaaaaal trippy! Cool music, very cool music. And the Action Scenes were, Im not gonna lie, pretty fucking awesome....*Spoiler Alert*.....Theres a fight between magical Dragons and a Yeti....*End Spoiler*

So yeah, its like a Musical, but instead of dancing, theres fighting! I give the movie a 4.5 out of 5....Im coming up with a better rating system sometime, so please bear with.

And to piss off you extreme fanboys.......Its Twilight for gamer boys! Peace!

All in all, I gotta say, I was really proud of Michael Cera in this movie, I never really liked him in his other movies, but I feel that now I really respect him as an actor.

Yup, the new face of acting


Edit: Sorry people, I had soul crushing movie up there because I was gonna review another movie alongside this one, but when it came down to it, I said fuck it Ill do it later. And I will...soon. Sooner than you think anyway.

Peace again.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Comics!

So a suggestion I saw about a new blog was to review comics. Now, I don't think I have read enough comics to devote a blog to it, but I have seen quite a bit. So I think I just cover them here. Today, I want to introduce you all to two of my personal favorites thus far...Kill Audio and Irredeemable.

So we're starting off with Irredeemable!

This man is a combination of Superman and Hitler...yikes

Irredeemable is a comic written by Mark Waid, responsible for some series of DC comics The Flash, Superman: Birthright, and Captain America. Basically its about a Superman-esque character that ends up going crazy because all of a sudden he wants to go on a murder spree. The series starts with that universe's equivalent of Batman (Called The Hornet) is on the run, having failed to stop the Plutonian's murder spree, The Hornet tries to get his family out, and yeah, Plutonian finds him and murders them all, WIFE AND KIDS. This series is honestly pretty fucked up, I am not joking. I'm not gonna spoil to much but issues include, crystals being thrown from space at the earth, the parents of a mentally handicapped kid being murdered in front of him, a country being pushed underwater, and lots of other awesome totally scary things. Not ALL is lost (but its still a lot) some of Earth's left over heroes, the Plutonians former allies are there to try to stop him. Some of these include, some archangel dude, a chick with cool guns, a chick that makes japanese ghost stories come to life, a black guy with electricity powers (not cliche lol), a guy who can talk to machines, and a fun cast of others! So yeah check out Irredeemable if you wanna see fucked up shit, people struggling for their lives against someone completely superior and coping with betrayal, then Irredeemable is totally for you.

If the review didn't convince maybe this picture will. Yes, those are children.

Up next we've got "Kill Audio"!

"Holy Fuck that looks fucking sick" My first thoughts exactly...
Kill Audio is the music lovers comic. Written by Claudio Sanchez (of the band Coheed and Cambria) KillAudio is the titular character. An immortal with amnesia he sets about trying to find his purpose in the land of "Sight and Sound" Along the way he meets some pretty trippy characters, someone whose self determined purpose is to kill the little immortal (seen in the cover), a pillow and a skeleton in a beaver costume who both discuss things such as Led Zeppelin's validity in writing "Stairway to Heaven", and a big humanoid chicken that does cocaine, a lot of cocaine. This comic is totally trippy, so if you do drugs, I totally recommend the comic, if you don't do drugs, its a little "sicky" but still worth a read. Especially if you love music, being that music is one of the main themes of the comic. So all in all, its funny, trippy, and its even got music recommendations (I'd never heard of King Crimson until I read this, pretty chill band, kinda jazzy rock I guess). I've only read 3 out of 5 (cant find the rest anywhere around in my town), but I definitely look forward to the others once I can find them.

Resemblance? (gif by ~woken-2010)

Hope that I've convinced some of you guys to at least give these a look.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Direction, Zombies from yesterday and Chemistry for Badasses

I havent done that split yet. Waiting to hear what more people say, out of 79 followers Ive got maybe 8 opinions thus far from bloggers whose work I really respect. So yeah, still deciding where to go with that. I'm thinking maybe a split. One for Music and Movies. I've got the idea to put my music library on shuffle and talk about one song a day maybe. Also just updates and reviews on movies old and new. And on this original blog keeping some interesting thoughts, and maybe the video game talks. So once again opinions would be appreciated. Oh yeah and I've changed my profile pic to another famous Tony.

Next Month's Profile Pic

Well on that recap from yesterday, nothing significant came to mind that day really, buuuuut I hit up a friend's house to chill out and watch "The Walking Dead" on AMC on the television. I gotta say that I think its pretty cool seeing a comic book come to life. Like a lot of the scenes and camera angles are taken straight from the comic, so I think its pretty well done. Not like some comic "adaptations" (bastardizations *cough cough* Ghost Rider *wheeze*) which really don't do the written material justice. Oh and the premiere was an hour and a half long, so thats basically a movie right there. Upcoming episodes are expected to be 1 hour. So all in all, good stuff. I entered the contest to be one of their zombies, so hopefully if Im reaaaallll lucky, I can make that, otherwise whatever, just seeing the show is enjoyable enough.

Fixed: Check the bottom for a weird error and original caption

Speaking of AMC, Ive got a massive headache from my night chemistry class, acetic acid and ammonia mix gave me what I can only describe as a stomach/headache centered on my chest. Whats this got to do with AMC? Breaking Bad, thats what. That show is fucking amazing. Bryan Cranston is a brilliant actor, you would never imagine the difference between Walter and Hal (thats right, you know Bryan from his role in Malcom in the Middle). The plot is strong, and totally enjoyable. Basically a Chemistry teacher finds out he has cancer, and goes about making crystal meth in order to leave his family something. The plot thickens extremely by the first episode and continues to do so. I got into the show after Weeds started to piss me off Royally. So yeah, if you like this kind of television, definitely give it a look.

Eventually an awesome Drug dealer
Not fit to pass down Flintstones though

And thats basically it for yeah little scatter brained today.

Wait one last thing! I really didn't mind Ghost Rider. But I hate HATE Blackheart's scheme.
Basically, "Ha! You're technique of damning people based on the quality of their soul's won't work on me because I have no soul! Please! Allow me to go collect the souls of an entire wicked society!"

Not the sharpest knife in Hell's box

I will post some more recap stuff tomorrow alongside some usual stuff.


Edit: For some reason the url I had earlier took out my walking dead picture and replaced it with this...
pretty fucking weird picture...I lets see if we cant make it a meme of some sort...
If zombies make you horny you should check out the comic too