Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Comics!

So a suggestion I saw about a new blog was to review comics. Now, I don't think I have read enough comics to devote a blog to it, but I have seen quite a bit. So I think I just cover them here. Today, I want to introduce you all to two of my personal favorites thus far...Kill Audio and Irredeemable.

So we're starting off with Irredeemable!

This man is a combination of Superman and Hitler...yikes

Irredeemable is a comic written by Mark Waid, responsible for some series of DC comics The Flash, Superman: Birthright, and Captain America. Basically its about a Superman-esque character that ends up going crazy because all of a sudden he wants to go on a murder spree. The series starts with that universe's equivalent of Batman (Called The Hornet) is on the run, having failed to stop the Plutonian's murder spree, The Hornet tries to get his family out, and yeah, Plutonian finds him and murders them all, WIFE AND KIDS. This series is honestly pretty fucked up, I am not joking. I'm not gonna spoil to much but issues include, crystals being thrown from space at the earth, the parents of a mentally handicapped kid being murdered in front of him, a country being pushed underwater, and lots of other awesome totally scary things. Not ALL is lost (but its still a lot) some of Earth's left over heroes, the Plutonians former allies are there to try to stop him. Some of these include, some archangel dude, a chick with cool guns, a chick that makes japanese ghost stories come to life, a black guy with electricity powers (not cliche lol), a guy who can talk to machines, and a fun cast of others! So yeah check out Irredeemable if you wanna see fucked up shit, people struggling for their lives against someone completely superior and coping with betrayal, then Irredeemable is totally for you.

If the review didn't convince maybe this picture will. Yes, those are children.

Up next we've got "Kill Audio"!

"Holy Fuck that looks fucking sick" My first thoughts exactly...
Kill Audio is the music lovers comic. Written by Claudio Sanchez (of the band Coheed and Cambria) KillAudio is the titular character. An immortal with amnesia he sets about trying to find his purpose in the land of "Sight and Sound" Along the way he meets some pretty trippy characters, someone whose self determined purpose is to kill the little immortal (seen in the cover), a pillow and a skeleton in a beaver costume who both discuss things such as Led Zeppelin's validity in writing "Stairway to Heaven", and a big humanoid chicken that does cocaine, a lot of cocaine. This comic is totally trippy, so if you do drugs, I totally recommend the comic, if you don't do drugs, its a little "sicky" but still worth a read. Especially if you love music, being that music is one of the main themes of the comic. So all in all, its funny, trippy, and its even got music recommendations (I'd never heard of King Crimson until I read this, pretty chill band, kinda jazzy rock I guess). I've only read 3 out of 5 (cant find the rest anywhere around in my town), but I definitely look forward to the others once I can find them.

Resemblance? (gif by ~woken-2010)

Hope that I've convinced some of you guys to at least give these a look.



  1. His art is top-notch, reminds me of the DC stuff from my generation when I was a teen. Will check this one out.

  2. Man, it may be cause I only had a few hours sleep but that .gif, I was transfixed on it for a good while.

    Irredeemable sounds like a pretty good read, I'll have to check to see if comic stores here would even stock it.

  3. Ive heard good things about Irredeemable.

  4. I love comics, but I just don't seem to have time to get into them these days. I should probably try again... And this post makes me want too!! Very interesting.

  5. Yea Coheed!!!!!! I love me some Claudio.

  6. Irredeemable goes hand in hand with Incorruptible, by the way.