Saturday, November 6, 2010

100+ Followers!? Awesome!!! Oh and Shoutouts!

Whoa 108 followers as of right now...thats pretty cool thanks guys. I think this is pretty awesome, so awesome, that I googled "Holy shit awesome" and now Im gonna share those pics with ya.

Pretty awesome no?

Anywho, its been a pretty cool weekend thus far, sorry for lack of update, you know the deal, but hey at least im gettin back to ya. Anywho, Im thinking Im gonna keep the single blog format for now, with just the random post so far. Thanks to everyone who shared their opinion.

Now, I'm gonna share with you guys some of my favorite blogs so far. These guys a pretty awesome in my opinion, and I love reading their stuff and their content is always top notch. So here's the shout outs! Just like the name says, daily cuteness For the politically minded Awesome music, everyday. Easily my favorite blog A very cool art blog. Very funny webcomic Awesome Blog! Bluerad has other awesome ones too! See! Check the name. Kids stay away An awesome Dubstep blog Pretty cool domestic trick type blog Protips! Everyday unless otherwise stated The first food blog I saw and still my favorite! Only the most awesome Mythology ever! More food? Yup! More political, but a tad bit different though This blog blows me away...GUNS!!! awesome videogame music!

AND those are SOME of my personal favorite blogs! Great jobs guys, you are the reason that I even bother to blog when I do! Thanks to all of you I am a great cook, more politically minded, a financial advisor, learned in the ways of history, great music to reference...thanks a bunch! I've learned so much more now, I am regaining my fervor for reading!

Honestly, thanks for all that all of you offer! Everyone has something to contribute ya know? So lets all continue to support each other with knowledge and what not...


So I wanna end it funny...Here are the first and 2nd image search result for funny with google

Good night everybody!


  1. Congratulations! It's great when hard work pays off. I love to be Keeping my Eyes Open!

  2. Congrats! I'm hoping for the same sometime! XD

    I love that kid with the blow up doll!!

  3. Congratulations on making it up to 100+ KEEP GOING! :D

  4. I'm so lol'd. Last pics are awesome!

  5. hey, awesome pictures, and thanks for the shout out!

  6. Thanks man! I love your blog lol.

  7. lol great pics. nice shout outs too, gonna hit them up.

  8. Hahaha, this post is full of awesome!

    Gratz on your 100th follower

  9. Hey I just joined the 100 club today myself! Keep up the good work

  10. Holy shit awesome is right. =D